Prayan, A C# Corner Initiative: Official Recap

On 19 October, 2013 C# Corner took its first step by interacting with students in the small  school "Choudhary Charan Singh Braj Khand Inter College, Bathain, Mathura" in its initiative towards empowering village youths. The initiative was named "PRAYAN".

                                        C# Corner Team and School Staff Members

It was a Saturday morning and the C# Corner team headed by Dhananjay Kumar (Delhi Chapter Lead), Praveen Kumar (Editorial Director and Project Manager), Dinesh Beniwal (VP Content Development), Manish Tewatia (Sr. Software Engineer), Rohtash Kumar (Software Developer) and Amalendu Dey (Brand and Business Development Manager) started their journey to Bathain khurd (Kosi Kalan) near Mathura. The objective was to help the village youths by becoming a guide in their career and enhance their skills with self confidence thus becoming an instrumental factor in their path of their success.

The team started around 6 am from Noida and reached the venue around 9am. They were treated to an overwhelmed welcome. The environment was already set as over 200 students gathered in the presence of the School Principal and staff members. Moreover it was a historic event because it was the same school where Mahesh Chand (The Founder Of C# Corner) had his schoolin. It was quite a proud, inspiring and motivational occasion for the students and staff members since a student from the same school has now become a globally well known tech veteran and now is putting on a corporate social responsibility to empower more and more youths to follow the path of success. Mahesh Chand has already become a youth icon and role model for many upcoming youths around the world.

                                                          Students attending the session

The event started with a small meeting with the school principal and teaching staffs in order to get an idea of what the actual requirements are for the students. Then the school authorities introduced the C# Corner Team to the students. It was then Dhananjay Kumar (Delhi Chapter Lead), who took on the proceedings. It was really another master piece from DJ, many might have seen him during his technological sessions where he is just superb but here the situation was challenging because he had village students to deal with, but as always he really stepped up to the challenge and delivered the goods in style.

                                               Dhananjay Kumar delivering session

                                             Dhananjay Kumar interacting with a student

He discussed many things but the prime focus was to to help the students and their parents to choose their carriers. The session from DJ was very interactive, it also included many jokes and stories that actually is DJ's trademark. He also asked many questions from the students.

Plenty of gifts were also offered to the students.

                                                         Prizes that were on offer

                                         School Principal presenting book to a student

                                    Praveen Kumar presenting a C# Corner T-shirt to a student

                             Mathematics Teacher presenting a C# Corner T-shirt to a student


                                    Dhananjay Kumar giving away book to a student

                                      Dinesh Beniwal presenting a book to a student

The C# Corner team personally interacted with students and their parents as well giving their valuable suggestions.
After DJ's session it was the school authorities who then took charge and ended the session with a vote of thanks.

After this the C# Corner Team and the school authorities had another meeting regarding the future proceedings of this kind of events. New plans were made for orgainziing the events better so that students can benefit from it in the long run.

                                          Students actively enjoying the session

It was the active support of the school authorities and C# Corner Team who made this event possible. Everyone in the venue was treated to a beautiful spectacle.

                                       C# Corner Team, School Staff Members and Students 

 In the end it was a very very successful event where the main objective of the event was achieved.

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