SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS): Part 2

Create SSAS Project in Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).

This article is a continuation of my previous article. In all these articles we need the AdventureWorks Sample data base, so I will first explain how to install the AdventureWorks database.

  1. Click here (http://msftdbprodsamples.codeplex.com/)  and download the mdf file for the database depending on your version. I am using SQL Server 2008 R2 so I have downloaded the AdventureWorksDW2008R2 data file.
  2. After downloading the file, attach that mdf file to your database. To attach the mdf file open your SQL Server management studio.
  3. Right-click on the database and click on "Attach", as in the following screenshot:

  4. Now after clicking on attach you will see the following screen. Click on "Add" and browse to your AdventureWorksDW2008R2.mdf file.

  5. Click on "Ok" and it will add the database to your SQL Server database.

  6. You can check that the AdventureWorksDW2008R2 database is in your SQL Server.

Now we can start to create the SSAS Project

  1. Open Business Intelligence Studio from your Start Menu then select "All Programs" -> "Microsoft SQL Server <Version>"
  2. On the File menu then point to "New" and then select "Project"
  3. Select the "Business Intelligence Projects" Project Type and select "Analysis Services project template"
  4. Name your project "MyProjectSSAS" and correspondong to your project name, the solution name will also change. If you want to create multiple projects in the same solution then you can change the solution name also
  5. Check the "Create Directory for solution" check box if it is not checked and change the solution name to MySolutionSSAS
  6. Now your window, after all entries, will look as in the following screenshot

  7. Now click on "OK" to create a project. It will take some time and your first SSAS project will be ready.

Now in the Solution Explorer you will see your project name, but some of you will think, why is the solution name not visible. With the default setting of BIDS, if your Solution has one project then it won't show the solution name. But if you want to see then you can go to the tools menu and click on "Always show solution" of Project and the solution tab.

You can also see multiple folders present in Solution Explorer so I am explaining about each folder:

  • Data Sources: This folder contains data sources for an SSAS project. You can create these objects with the Data Source Wizard.
  • Data Source Views: This folder contains data source views for the SSAS project. You can create these objects with the Data Source View Wizard.
  • Cubes: This folder contains cubes for the SSAS project. You can create these objects with the Cube Wizard.
  • Dimensions: This folder contains dimensions for the SSAS project. You can create these objects with the Dimension Wizard.
  • Mining: This folder contains mining structures for the SSAS project. You can create these objects with the Mining Model Wizard.
  • Roles: This folder contains database roles for the SSAS project. You can create and manage roles in the Role Designer.
  • Assemblies: This folder contains references to COM libraries and Microsoft .NET Framework assemblies for the SSAS project. You can create references with the Add Reference dialog box.
  • Miscellaneous: This folder contains any type of file except for Analysis Services file types.

So here in this article I have explained attaching the AdventureWorks database and how to create a SSAS project in Business Intelligence Development Studio and each of the folders present in Solution Explorer.

In my next article I will explain how to create a data source in the SSAS Project.

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