InfoPath forms in SharePoint Workspace 2010


SharePoint workspaces enable you to automatically synchronize lists from SharePoint Server 2010. I have customized the list forms with InfoPath forms, SharePoint Workspace automatically downloads those forms. The InfoPath form that is downloaded in the SharePoint workspace will contains all of the fields and features available from the SharePoint list. If the forms are subsequently updated on the server, SharePoint Workspace will synchronize the latest versions of those forms as well. I have a custom List named Employee Details which contains the following columns


I have modified the list forms using InfoPath which looks like the following


Sync SharePoint list to SharePoint Workspace:

  1. Open the SharePoint site.
  2. Go to the list (Employee Details – custom list).
  3. On the ribbon interface click on List Tools, click on List tab and then click on Sync to SharePoint Workspace button which is available in Connect & Export group.

  4. SharePoint Workspace will be opened and the list will be synced to workspace.

InfoPath Forms in workspace:

  1. SharePoint Workspace will be opened.
  2. On the Content panel, expand Lists and then click on Employee Details.
  3. The items in the list will be displayed.
  4. When you click an item, the item details will be displayed in the InfoPath form as shown in the figure


  5. When you try to add an item to the list in the workspace, InfoPath form will appear.
  6. On the Home menu, Click on New and then click on Item.

  7. You could be able to see the InfoPath form, enter the details and then click on Save & Close.

  8. A new item is added successfully.



Thus in the SharePoint Workspace InfoPath forms can be synchronized and if any changes made in the server will be synched in the workspace.

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