Software Development Communication

A pictorial explanation of software development failure.

  1. How the Customer explained it ?


  2. How the Project Leader Undestood it?


  3. How the Analyst designed it?

    4 (2).gif

  4. How the programmer wrote it?

    4 (1).gif

  5. How the Business Consultant described it?

    6 (2).gif

  6. How the project was documented?

    6 (1).gif

  7. What operations installed?

    8 (2).gif

  8. How the customer was billed?

    8 (1).gif

  9. How it was supported?


  10. What the customers really needed?


The actual Reason behind every software development failure is lack of Effective Communication.

Effective communication plays a vital role in each stage. The success factor is your ability to pick the right mode of communication.

In my next article we will discuss about the Effective Communication in detail.

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