Uploading Management Certificate in Windows Azure Subscription

To work with the Service Management API the client has to authenticate itself to the Azure portal. You need to upload X.509 certificate to the portal. There are many ways and several tools available to create X.509 certificates. The easiest way I find is using IIS.

Read here to create certificate for Azure subscription

Before uploading a certificate, let us understand that there are two types of certificates that can be uploaded.

certification in windows azure

To upload a (.cer) certificate, login to Azure portal and select Hosted Service and then Management Certificates option.

hosted service in windows azure

From the top menu, choose add certificate:

add certification in windows azure

Browse to choose the certificate file and upload.

add certification in azure

Once management level certificates are uploaded successfully, you can work AZURE Management API. Tune in for the next articles. We will see there working with Azure Management API.

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