The Silverlight for Smart (Mobile) Devices

Silverlight 2 is one of Microsoft's latest technologies and is a great tool for developing rich Internet applications. The exciting news for smart device or mobile developers is that Silverlight 2 can now target not just regular Web applications but also applications designed for mobile devices. 
A release of Silverlight roughly called Silverlight for mobile is expected to ship this year (2009). Based on the latest version Silverlight 2, it will enable you to use scalable vector graphics user interfaces and mobile-optimized media. One of the major advantages in the proposed release of Silverlight for mobile is that it will enable reuse of existing desktop code, thus improving productivity. Another advantage is that Silverlight for mobile will provide a consistent experience across the Web and mobile devices. Also, the same Silverlight applications will work on both Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 devices. 
Silverlight for mobile will start shipping on Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile devices first, followed by other devices later. 
If you are familiar with creating Silverlight applications for the Web, it will not be difficult at all for you to create similar applications for mobile devices: the process is almost the same. 
Visual Studio and Expression Studio provide support for smart device or mobile applications using Silverlight. Silverlight for mobile will provide a consistent set of APIs across various devices. 
As of now, Silverlight for mobile is still in private testing. CTPs will be announced later and the final version will be released this year (2009). 
There are a lot of speculations about the technology in the developer community. Will WCF be included? Will there be support for Deep Zoom? Is it really true that the size is 4 MB or will the final release be trimmed down? Hundreds of questions are being bandied about and as yet, Microsoft is not giving out any concrete answers. Wait and see, is what they seem to say.
Conclusion: This article discussed about Silverlight for mobile.

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