Treeview Control in WPF

TreeView Control:

TreeView Control represent the hierarchical node data. You can use the TreeView control to display information from a wide variety of data sources such as an XML file, site-map file, string, or from a database. or you can say treeview control is a hierarchical structure to dispaly the data. its look like a tree. it also contain root node, parent node and child node like tree.


Window x:Class="Wpf_TreeView.Window1" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" Title="Listbox" Height="680" Width="624">

    <Grid Height="658" Width="454" Margin="0,0,0,50">
       <TreeView Margin="39,59.88,67,0" Name="treeView1" Background="Azure" Foreground="Maroon" ToolTip="This is TreeView control" Height="179" VerticalAlignment="Top">
            <TreeViewItem Header="Employees">
                <TreeViewItem Header="Employee Name"></TreeViewItem>
                <TreeViewItem Header="Employee Address"></TreeViewItem>
            <TreeViewItem Header="Testing">
                <CheckBox Content="aaa"></CheckBox>
                <CheckBox Content="bbb"></CheckBox>
                <CheckBox Content="ccc"></CheckBox>
            <TreeViewItem Header="Testing">
                <TreeViewItem Header="Test2"></TreeViewItem>
                <TreeViewItem Header="Test3"></TreeViewItem>



Figure 1: Treeview control


Figure 2: hierarchical  structure of Treeview control.