Snake Game in C#


Fully transparent and animated game.

Name of this game is Point Taker. In this game you first have to create a profile. As you create your profile in C drive a folder will generate named PointTaker. If you have created your profile then in C drive in PointTaker folder two files are generated of your profile name starting with p1 and p2 and in that all your profile related data will saved. This profile files are helpful when you resume your game the next time you play.

When you start the game you will find a moving square and a static blinking square. By the moving square you have to pass.

Exactly on the blinking square. If you do this then you will get a one point and another static blinking square generated at another location. And you have to repeat it again. To win this game you have to get 100 points. It means you need to pass 100 blinking squares. You can control a moving square by up, down, left and right arrow. If moving square touches the boundary then your game will be over so be careful about that.

Now if you want to quit the game in half then press Esc. You will find two options; restart and quit. If you go with restart then the game starts again and if you go with quit then you exit from the Game. But don't worry about that you just have to play the game again from the start. When you play the game the next time it starts as it is from last as you left it. All these things are managed by your profile. Here, no concept of database. Handling of your profile just from the simple text files.

Interesting thing here is that your desktop background changed automatically at the increment of 5 points.


Now, let's move on code...
  1. I have used 3 class file and 4 forms for this game.
  2. Form1 form for where game is played.
  3. Esc form come in action when Esc button presses or Close button press which is on    the score form. 
  4. Score Form displays player score and History form displays player's profile history.
  5. Wallpaper class changes your desktop background , EscAnimation class uses to give some moving animation effect and ProfileManage  class use to manage player's profile
Download the source code and enjoy the game.

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