Facebook Connect Visual Kit

This article describes commercial set of ASP.NET controls used to make easy integration of Facebook features in ASP.NET web site without lot of knowledge about Facebook underlying stuff which includes knowledge about XFBML, Facebook JavaScript API, JSON. Additionally the library makes using of these features on natural way of ASP.NET and object oriented principles. There are no needed conversions from .NET objects to JSON format, calling JavaScript functions and catching their results. All this stuff is embedded in controls itself which makes integration of Facebook features in ASP.NET web site really transparent. This article contains list of all controls with description and belonging picture.

Official page of controls is located at: Facebook Connect ASP.NET Control List.

Facebook Login Button

This control is used to establish connection with Facebook API which enables all other components to work correctly without additional requirement to login again. It also enables correct work of methods from Facebook Developer Toolkit to get data from Facebook.


Facebook Stream Publish Popup

This control is used to publish stories using stream publish feature. The control enables to set title, links, description, media attachments and properties to story. Media attachment can contain image, video, MP3 or Flash sources. Stream publish feature is one of main. features to share info about content on web site or about Facebook application with user's friends.


Facebook Become Fan Box

Become fan box is used to enable users to become fan of Facebook Page or Facebook application. It also can contain list of defined number of fans and messages from page wall.


Facebook Comment Box

This control is used to enable users to put comments on some article inside a web site or on the website itself. Commenting inside comment box posts users' comments on his wall encouraging his friends to go on the web site and increase traffic by that.


Facebook Invite Friends

This control is used to enable user to invite his friends on visiting a web site of Facebook application.


Facebook Bookmark Button

This control is used to allow user to bookmark a web site or Facebook application on easy way. After book marking a link of the web site or the Facebook app will be visible from Facebook environment.


Facebook Share Button

This control uses to share info about web site content of Facebook Application. There are several types of share button displayed on picture.


Facebook Permissions

This control is used to allow user to set permissions on a web site or a Facebook application. Example of permissions: send email, change user status, upload photos etc.