FineReader Engine 9.0

Powerful OCR SDK to integrate ABBYY’s state-of-the-art document recognition and conversion software technologies such as: optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), optical mark recognition (OMR), barcode recognition (OBR), document imaging, and PDF conversion.

Project Details:

The FineReader Engine OCR SDK offers powerful image processing tools, document layout analysis and advanced PDF conversion and compression with support for various types of PDF, including PDF/A and compressed Mixed Raster Content (MRC) standard.

The ABBYY’s OCR engine also delivers field-level/zonal recognition capabilities to support key business processes such as key-word classification, keyword indexing, and forms processing.

The version 9.0 of ABBYY FineReader Engine for Windows delivers high-quality recognition technologies with revolutionary enhancements:

  • Adaptive Document Recognition technology (ADRT) allows re-creation of document logical structure and formatting attributes including headers, footers, page numbers, fonts and styles, and more.
  • Multi-core Recognition Architecture facilitates processing speed on multi-core processors during image analysis and document recognition. 
  • Significant accuracy increase for Chinese, Japanese and Korean OCR  

ABBYY's innovative OCR technologies have been awarded by government agencies and industry leading publications worldwide, recognizing the quality and success of the entire FineReader product line.

The OCR engine provides processing features designed specifically for large-scale and international projects:

  • Balanced Mode Recognition, 
  • Document Analysis for Invoices, 
  • Document Analysis for Full-Text Indexing,
  • The broadest language support with almost 200 languages for OCR and more than 110 languages for ICR.