Open Source C# Generator

With this c# generating tool, it will make the beginner's life much easier. Also, it could save much time for even experts... We can implement the source, so that we can make entire classes with it. For example, SQL Connection Class

Project Details:

Click on "Get Latest Update" to download the newest available version.
Every update will be posted here. I am hoping some one will throw
some emails at me with improvement code / ideas to our C# Generator.

V1.4.9  (1/23/11)
Added new code.
Added FTP UPLOAD FILE command
V1.4.8  (1/08/11)
Added new code.
Added how to make balloon tooltips.
Added tooltips to the main form buttons.
V1.4.7  (1/08/11)
Added new code.
Added how to convert textBox.Text (string)to integer (int)
Updated splash screen
V1.4.6  (1/07/11)
Added new code.
Added how to Write "MULTIPLE" Lines to Textbox
Added how to write as many lines as wished with picture details
V1.4.5  (1/03/11)
Added message box options.
MessageBox : Icon, Buttons,
etc etc....
V1.4.4  (12/31/10)
Added how to unzip files with third party reference.
Added directions how to download Third Party Reference
Added Picture explaining how to install reference

V1.4.3  (12/30/10)
Added new command snippet (HTTP download "WITH" progress bar)
Changed Splash Screen
Reduced Splash Screen time
Added // lines explaining with brief words

V1.4.2  (12/29/10)
Update Form Upgrade:
Added Progress Bar to "Get Latest Update"
Added Progress Bar to "Download Source Code"
Removed Thread.Sleep(5000); and replaced it with perfect event (fix file being in use error)

V1.4.1  (12/29/10)
Changed the Browser Title to
1.4  (12/29/10)
Changed the Main Thread Link to website in order to 
thank the website.
V1.3 (12/24/10)
Fixed thread error (generator.exe was still loaded after program closed)
Added splash screen
Added http file Download command
Improved updater

Added update C# Generator option
Added download latest Source Code option
Fixed Open New Form mistake
Web Browser Launcher in Updater.
known errors-- (V1.2)
If generator.exe is opened, and you click on ANY "GO" button, the process will remain
open in memory, and will require task manager to kill task. I need to look into this.

-------- SELF UPDATER INCLUDED ---------

Hello there guys, I thought about making a Open Source C# Generator, to make our life easy when programming in c#... I haven't spent a whole bunch of time writing it, but if there is anybody willing to ADD/EDIT the source code, and uploading it, maybe with in a year we can have something solid.

It will generate c# Codes, Ready To Go..
Simply type the textbox name, file name, etc etc...

GIVE IT A TRY ! =D Maybe we can have ideas together and make improvements.

1)Select what you need
2)Generate C# Code
3)Paste into your compiler (ex visual studio 2010)
4)DONE !

--------- What Is Included ------------
C# Generator 1.4 (overwrite old version)

C# Genetaror Source Code Created With Visual Studio 2010
Source >>>

 You are all welcome to implement /add to our source code 
You are more than welcome to make a change / addition
to the SRC file, and Upload it back. If each of us adds a few
codes every once in a while, in less than 1 year, this software
could easily explode, and help it's members while also educating
C# programmers with less hustle, while having fun.
I hope you guys enjoy, and I hope some one is willing to help me update this thing.

Have fun guys.

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--You have source lol... you can revise as well.