Publishing A Visual Studio Project On GitHub

GitHub is a version control system that is used to work across shared projects. You can also use it to put your project on the cloud, so you'll never worry about its sequential backups. GitHub will save all your project versions before and after changing.

Microsoft is providing GitHub Extensions for visual studio. You can download and install it from here. I'm going to show you how to make a project in visual studio and publish it to GitHub.

I'm writing this with snapshots so that you can easily understand what I'm doing. I'm writing it with steps. Please put your comments as feedback because I'm very new to writing articles.

  1. Open Visual Studio and select the option "Open from Source Control." This option is used to create a project on some Version Control Systems like GitHub or TFS etc.

    TFS stands for Team Foundation Server.

    Open Source Control

  2. After selecting "Open from Source Control" a small window named "Team Explorer - Connect" will open. A list of projects under the tab of GitHub will be shown in that window.

    Open from Source Control

  3. After selecting your project type and name you need to focus on a small check box on bottom right corner, "Add to Source Control." By default,   this check box is not checked. You must check it to put your project on GitHub. After that click OK.

    Add to Source Control

  4. You'll be shown another small window, as shown below. You must choose your version control system from provided options. Select Git and click OK.

    Select Git and click OK

    a. Team Foundation Version Control is Microsoft's Version Control system that is also very famous.

  5. After this you'll be shown two types of repositories.

    a. Online repositories

    b. Local repositories

    Under local repositories, the project you just created will be visible.

    local repositories

  6. To sync your local project with online GitHub click on Clone. VS will ask for the URL of online repository. It is that repository which you've already created on GitHub website. If you didn't create it yet simply open GitHub and create your account.

    click on Clone

  7. Open your GitHub account. You'll find few option over there.

    GitHub account

  8. Click to create New Repository.

    Your already created repositories will be shown here also.


  9. Once you click new repository. You'll be provided a form to fill with some information.

    a. Repository name > set a name for your repository to access it from web using URL like: " Owner / Repository name ".

    b. Write a description for your repository.

    description for your repository

  10. You'll find two buttons Public and Private.

    a. Public: Anyone can see and access your project.
    b. Private: You've option to set the access level of your project.
    c. Initialize this repository with a README: If you check it . a copy of online repository will be sync to your desktop immediately. So leave it    
        UnCheck and click Create Repository.

     Public and Private

  11. Your repository has been created. Copy the URL of your repository as shown in picture below.

    Copy the URL

  12. Now come back to your visual studio and paste the URL of your repository and click "Clone". Your local project will be sync to your online repository.


  13. In case to publish your repository. Just paste the URL of online repository and click Publish.


  14. You can see your synced repository online by clicking "View" as given in below picture.

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