How to Set Page Orientation of Only Individual Page in MS-Word

Suppose we want to set the page orientation to landscape in Microsoft Word 2007 for only some pages in a document (i.e. not the entire document). Let us see how we can do this.

Just for demonstration purposes, I zoomed my document up to 20-30% so that I could easily show what's happening in page orientation. Initially we have all the pages in the document in "Portrait" format.

Image 1.jpg

Let's change the page orientation. Go to "Page Layout" -> "Orientation". Now select "Landscape"; you will see that the orientation of all the pages are changed to "Landscape" but that we don't want.. Right? So we take our action back by the "Undo" option.

Image 2.jpg

Ok, we returnd the orientation of all of our pages to their original orientation (i.e. Portrait). Now we decide which page's orientation to change. Those pages are shown in a circle.

Image 3.jpg

Now we go to the first page to change the orientation. Go to "Page Layout" -> "Breaks" and select the option "Next Page" (Basically we are inserting a "Section Break"). Then select the page orientation "Landscape".

Image 4.jpg

We see that the orientation of all pages (from that page onward) was changed. But again this we don't want.

Image 5.jpg

So, we set another section break at the last page up to where we need the page orientation tobe "Landscape". We can set a section break in the same wat as we did above: Go to "Page Layout" -> "Breaks" and select the option "Next Page". Now we select the page orientation "Landscape" and we see that now the pages we wanted to be in the "Landscape" orientation have been set whereas others are still in "Portrait" orientation.

In the same way, we can set the orientation of some pages to "Portrait" while others are "Landscape".

Image 6.jpg


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