Visual States In Universal Windows Platform

I think every one of you have played Subway Surfer, so I came up with a example that shows how states are changed in a game.

Start, Running => Game over and then Play again.

  • Create a new UWP blank project.

    Blank App

  • Go to states and add new states group and rename it as you like. I renamed it to State.


  • Follow step 6 in the image below to add new state to state group. I named it as Start.

    Grid image

  • Proceed step 7, 8, 9 and drop button control to grid.


  • Now you have a Start named button in a start state.

    Start button

  • Add Running state by following step 6 as we had done before and add a textblock, 2 buttons.

    i renamed text block = game running
    Button = game over
    Button= Fire

    Add Running

  • Add another state named Gameover and add two controls.

    Game over

  • Now go to states and click base (That is your state which comes on start of your app) and then go to Assets


  • Behavior and then click GoToStateAction and drop it to your grid as shown below.


  • Follow step 18 to 22 to make your app run the start state at default.

    Note: The event triggerbehaviour only change to loaded on grid. Don't do this process on coming steps:


  • Change state name to Start.


  • Select Start state, assets, then behaviour and then GoToStateAction and drop it in start button and change state name to Running.




    Goto action

  • At the end run the application and enjoy moving within the States.

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