SSRS Reporting Document in SQL Server

Step 1  

"mssqlserver" - "SQL Server Business Intellience Studio" - "New project" - "Report Server project" - "Ok".

Step 2

Solution Explorer (a) add data source (b) add new report.

Step 3

Before deploying the report, in a command prompt window run this command:

rsconfig -c -iMSSQLSERVER -  slocalhost -dReportServer -aWindows

Step 4

Configure the report server for a virtual directory.


Step 5

SQL Server 2005 surface area configuration for  remote connection:


Step 6

Build and deploy the report:


Step 7

After deploying the report server, find it on the "http://localhost/Reports" - -> "Go".

Open the screen:


Step 8

VS2010 open the new web site.

Step 9

Add a report viewer.

Step 10  

The Report Viewer configuration is set:


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