Store, Retrieve & Display the Data Into DataGridView from SQLite Also Inser,Update & Delete in DataGridView

I focused storing all types of data into a SQLite database mailnly BLOB data.

I stored a float array in the form of a byte array then converting back byte data to float array & displaying in a datagridView.

I used C# for the front end & SQLite back end.

Design the form as follows to work with SQLite.

  1. When you enter the number of rows and click on the insert buton it will insert that many rows into the .db file.
  2. The application is designed under three layer architecture.
  3. The application also displays the only required columns data depending upon given condition. Like display only A, C and F columns with a B value between 3000 & 5000.
  4. Also you can search & display the data depending upon dates.
  5. The main thing in this application is that you can store a float array in the form of a BLOB in the form of a byte array into a separate table. Also v can retrive the data from byte array converting it in to float array from a byte array and displaying it into the datagrid.