Add New Item in LightSwitch HTML Application

Here you will see how to add a new item to an existing LightSwitch application.


LightSwitch is an application generator that builds data-driven applications. It's model-driven so in principle it could generate other kinds of clients, such as HTML5 or Windows 8 Metro and the best thing about LightSwitch is that much of the repetitive work is done for you, and in fact, you can create a LightSwitch application without writing any code at all.

Let's start by adding a new item.

In Visual Studio 2012 go to "File" and create a new project.

Choose "LightSwitch HTML Application".


Image 1

In Solution Explorer right-click on "HTML Client" and add a new browser screen.


Image 2


Image 3

When you create a new browser screen it will open and shows as in the following and in the left area you will see the blank area:


Image 4

If you have already added a data source then your area will show the table values, as in:


Image 5

Now choose "Add List" and click on the selected item.


Image 6


Image 7

Now simply drag and drop the item from the left side list to the right side area.


Image 8

That's it; your new item is successfully added.


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