Getting Started With Team Foundation Service

Before reading this article, please read my article describing how to connect the Team Foundation Service (TFS) to Visual Studio 2013 Preview.


In this article, I am introducing the procedure for uploading your source code in the Team Foundation Service to Visual Studio 2013 Preview. This helps you to build and share your source code with team members. The procedure for uploading the code to TFS is the following:

  • Work with Source Control
  • Source Code in TFS

Work with Source Control

  1. At first, connect with the Team Foundation Service account. If you do not have an account, then create it; you need to create your Visual Studio account.
  2. If you want to work with Source Control then you need a location in which to put your source code or solution. The location helps you to view your source control items. When choosing a location, choose one that is easy to remember.

  3. Open your solution in Visual Studio 2013 Preview.


    Choose Location


Source Code in TFS

  1. Go to Solution Explorer, right-click on your solution to add it to TFS.


    Type a name for your Solution Folder.

  2. After adding the solution in TFS, click on "Check In".


    Adding comment in Team Explorer


  3. Now, open your solution from Source Control Explorer in Team Explorer.


    Now you can view your solution in Source Control Explorer.

  4. Now the entire team can code in the source code, and the changes are tracked in the Team Foundation Service.


This article introduced how to upload your source code in Team Foundation Service using Team Foundation account in Visual Studio. I introduce the information for connecting the source code solution to TFS through images, if you have any problem then let me know. I'll write further if I find anything more that is new in this technology. 

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