Change Default Column Values in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Welcome Readers.

Welcome to an article on changing the default column values in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. In this article we will see how to easily manage our default values of columns.

Yes, a very easy and efficient way.

In a Document Library when we have 100 + columns and we need to make changes to the default values of many columns. We can have a really difficult time doing it since we need to go the columns view and search them among many other columns.

This feature will help us to not waste our time as well as our eyesight.

Now let's see, how can we do it?

  • Go to the Document Library Settings.

  • You will find the option as “Change Default Column Values”, click on it.

  • Initially if you don't have any column values it will be blank as in the screen below.

  • Now if you add them up, as in the screen below you will see the columns here in the view with default values for them.

So basically if my library has 100+ columns, those columns that contain default values will be listed here. So If I need to do some changes I can come directly here and make changes to my columns. Thereby saving a lot of effort.

change default values

There is more to come, until then keep learning!