Modifying a SSRS Report


We have created a report with the Report Wizard, you can modify it with the Report Designer. If you have used any sort of visual report design tool in the past then you should have no problem making changes or ensuring you already read my previous article "Create a Simple Report Using the Report Wizard – SSRS".


To modify the report that you just created, use the following procedure:

  1. Click the "Design" tab to make the report editable.

    Design tab to-make the report
  2. In the Report Data window, right-click on "DataSet1" and select "Dataset Properties".

    Dataset Property
  3. In the Dataset Properties window, click the "Query Designer" button.
  4. Select a Descending sort type for the "User_Full Name" column and click "OK".

    Select a Descending sort type
  5. Click "OK".
  6. Click in the TextBox at the top of the report, where the report name is displayed.
  7. Click a second time in the TextBox to put it in edit mode and change the value of this control to Employee Name by Desc.

    Name by Desc
  8. Click on the header for the "User_Id" column.
  9. Place the cursor between the columns selectors and drag the cursor to the right to widen the table columns.
  10. Place the cursor between the column selectors above the User_Id Number and User_FullName columns to display a double-headed arrow. Hold down the mouse button and drag the cursor to the right to widen the "User_FullName" column.

    Name Column
  11. Save the Report.
  12. Click on the "Preview" tab to view the modified report

    Modified Report 


We don't need to worry if a business person wants to change their report. Now we do have a solution to change the report and make it look great.

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