Configuring and Deploying Reports Using SSRS in SharePoint 2013

This article explains:

  • How to configure SSRS application in SharePoint 2013.
  • Deploying reports into SharePoint 2013 document repositories.

Use these two cmdlets to activate a SSRS sevice application in SharePoint 2013.

Open a SharePoint 2013 Management Shell using “Run with elevated privilleges”.

Install-SPRSService and Install-SPRSServiceProxy

Install SPRSServiceProxy

Open SharePoint 2013 Central Administration.


Go to Application Management then under Service application click Manage Service Application.

Application Management

On that page click New then click SQL Server Reporting Service Application.

SQL Server Reporting service application

Provide the unique name of the service application.

service application

Select Create new application pool.

Create new application pool

Provide the Managed account.

Managed account

Then click OK.

click ok

create sql server report

So now the New SSRS Service application has been created.

New SSRS Service application

So now you are able to see the SSRS Service Application in that page.

SSRS service application

Now I will create and deploy the reports into the SharePoint site.

Create a Team Site in SharePoint 2013.

Site in SharePoint 2013

Inside I am creating the Document Library named "Reports".

Open SQL Server Data tools from the Start menu.

start menu

Here I am creating a new report server project with simple report.

simple report

The configure the datasource and datasets.

Right-click on the project properties then select Set the Path to deploy.

Set the Path to deploy

Now right-click on the project then select Click Deploy.

deployed successfully

So now the report has been deployed successfully.

Now let's see in the SharePoint.

SSRS Report viewer

So now the report has been deployed into the SharePoint document repository.

Now I will add a SSRS Report viewer into the page.



You can directly click on the report and it is also viewed in the browser.

Regards: Vinodh.N (SharePoint Developer/Administrator).

Happy SharePoint!