Enable Ratings in SharePoint List/Library

In my previous article we learned how to Enable Enterprise Metadata Keywords. In this article I would like to share the procedure to enable the Ratings in SharePoint.

What is Ratings in SharePoint?

Adding a rating feature to your library or any SharePoint List that you manage makes it easy for site visitors to respond to and share their opinion of library items. The resulting information can help you, site contributors and other site visitors gauge the relative usefulness or appeal of these items. Ratings can also help you prioritize content improvements.

Use the following procedure to enable the Ratings for your library.

Step 1

Go to your library in your site, the library that you want to enable the Ratings for.

Sharepoint liberary

Step 2

Then click on the library settings from your list on the top ribbon bar as shown below:

library settings

Step 3

On the library settings page, select the “Rating settings” in the General settings section.

Rating settings

Step 4

Then check on the “Yes” in “Allow items in this list to be rated?” and Then select “Star Ratings” in “Which voting/rating experience you would like to enable for this list” as shown below:

Star Ratings

Step 5

Finally click on the “Ok” button to save the Rating settings.

save the Rating settings

The Rating column will be available in your list.

Rating column in your list


In this article we explored how to enable the ratings in a SharePoint Library. You can use the preceding procedure for a list also. Happy Learning .

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