How to Browse Popular Issues as Well as Labeled Issues in JIRA Tool in Testing

For a particular project the "Popular Issues" page displays all unresolved issues (sorted by number of votes) in that project.

 Browsing a project's popular issues

  1. Click on the "Projects" dropdown on the top navigation bar. The projects Category will display or click on the "Project" link to open your current project.
  2. Click on the project that you want to select. The selected project will open.
  3. Click on the "Popular Issues" tab on the left of the page.


    The popular issues window will display containing all the popular issues of your project.

  4. The "Labels" page for a project in JIRA displays all the labeled issues for that particular project.

Browsing a project's labeled issues

To browse a project's labeled issues:

  1. Click on the "Projects" dropdown on the top navigation bar. The project's Category will display.
  2. Click the project that you wish to browse. If the project is not displayed in the dropdown, click "View All Projects", that allows you to view a list of all accessible projects on your JIRA site, and select your project from there.
  3. Click on the "Labels" tab on the left of the page.


    All labeled issues for your project will display.


    Also click "Popular Labels" / "All Labels" next to the word "View" to toggle among the various views.


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