Create External List Using SharePoint Designer 2013

In this article you will see how to create an External List using SharePoint Designer 2013. An External List is used to expose the external data in SharePoint 2013. External Lists are created using the BCS external Content Types. These lists expose the external data which looks similar to a normal SharePoint list. CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations can be performed on external data in the external list itself and they will be automatically reflected in the external system. Please refer to the following URL to create an External Content Type:
Create External List using SharePoint Designer 2013
The following steps have to be followed to create an External List using SharePoint Designer 2013.

  1. Open "SharePoint Designer 2013".
  2. Click on "Sites" and then "Open Site".


      Figure 1: Open SharePoint Site
  3. Enter the site URL and click on "Open".


    Figure 2: Enter the site URL
  4. In the "Navigation", click on "Lists and Libraries" and then click on "External List" which is available in the "New" tab as shown in Figure 3.


    Figure 3: External List in new tab.
  5. Select the "External Content Type" from the "External Content Types" Picker as shown in Figure 4.


    Figure 4: External Content Types Picker
  6. Click on "Ok".
  7. Enter the Name and Description for the External List as shown in Figure 5.


    Figure 5: Create External List
  8. Click on "Ok".
  9. A new external list is created successfully.
  10. Navigate to the SharePoint 2013 site; you will be able to see the new external list created as shown in Figure 6.


    Figure 6: External List created successfully.

Thus in this article you have seen how to create an external list using SharePoint Designer 2013.

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