Interview Tips

Whenever a software expert gets an interview call to demonstrate his technical skills or expertise, he goes through a mind making phase to crack the interview. The applied position could be anything from software programmer to technical lead. Architect level interviews are quite different and involves higher level of management too.

Money matters at the end of the day but not every time. So, don't consider money only as the reason to switch jobs. It should always be a consideration whenever you are switching jobs but not the only one reason, knowing the worst condition of your new employer. And what if you went for good money but accept a demotion in technology and work with a lot of pressure? It is better to check which technology you are most likely to be assigned to if selected.

Be scheduled for your prospective interviews

Whenever your interview is scheduled, you get a call from the recruiter about your availability. Always be ready with your calendar so that it can't hamper your current job. Secondly, be genuine and don't hesitate to ask about your job profile. If it is not suited to you, humbly deny it. Don't schedule an interview for a time pass.

Check the company background

You can check company establishment details like how old it is, owner background, promoters, business of company, manpower strength of company, firing history, facilities offered, technology used by, and so on.

Be ready with your CV and other required documents required to attend Interview

Get a printed copy of your CV and other required supporting documents. For making an impressive CV, you may refer to my previous article here: Tips-on-Resume-CV

Do some research on the Interviewer

Most good enterprises schedule your interview with their technical expert and it is given in your interview call letter too. So, just have a small research on that person like his technical expertise and so on. You would be more confident and normal while demonstrating/discussing with him since you would have some idea about him!

Be ready to explain your current project

You will be asked about your current project, so be prepared for that.

Remember, most people speak like“What technology is used for what” , but I suggest you to prepare for “What technology is used for why”. This is the more sincere point than just explaining some features of a technology. Don't do advocacy for a particular technology but satisfy interviewer that your current project was requiring this and this and that's why you chose the most feasible one.

Have a look at syntax

SSE or Tech Lead level interviews are not exempted from writing code at least from syntax. So don't make yourself so senior that you don't need to write a code snippet but just funda will work for you. Before going for a technical discussion, it is advised to have a look at important syntax mainly that has been out of your touch for a long time.

Be ready with your some achievements

Generally an interviewer will ask about your achievements, so instead of recalling one on the fly, do some homework before leaving for the interview.

Be ready with a good reason for switching

It is you who knows the best reason for looking for a change! So, be original but smart in your answer. Don't abuse your current employer, though it may be true in some cases. Positively put your dilemma/problem with your current employer to the interviewer and try to make it very short. Don't dwell on your current organization's bad story/happenings, just make it simple and very short.

Generally people switch employers for the following basic reasons:

  1. Position
  2. Salary hike
  3. Challenging work or technology charm
  4. Better prospective in terms of a stable and bigger employer
  5. Relocation

Be ready to make a happy ending by asking something good

At the end of the interview, the interviewer mostly asks you if you have anything to ask. Don't say “no questions, thank you”. You can make an impression on the the interviewer that may positively work for you as a candidate. So, always keep 2-3 smart questions and ask one that fits to give a good impression and your sincerity.

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