Step By Step SSRS in 11 Hours: Hour 4


This article shows how to create a report that expects a parameter, in other words a parameterized report. We pass CountryRowId as the parameter and we get all the states of that country.


Report with Parameter

Step 1

  • In order to create a shared dataset, right-click on "Shared Datasets" and click on "Add New Dataset".
add new dataset

Step 2

  • Provide an appropriate name of dataset.
  • Select the data source.
  • Select the "Stored Procedure" radio button and provide the Stored Procedure name.

choose datasource

Step 3

  • Now let's add the report. Right-click on "Reports", select "Add" and click on "New Item…".
add report

Step 4

  • Select Report and provide an appropriate report name.

report name

Step 5
  • To add a parameter, right-click on "Parameters" in Report Data and click on "Add Parameter…".

adding parameter

Step 6

  • Provide a parameter name and change its visibility to visible.

report parameter properties

Step 7

  • Add a data source in the report data.
  • Right-click on "Data Sources" and click on "Add Data Source…".

adding datasource

Step 8

  • Provide a data source name and select a data source reference.

datasource reference

Step 9

  • Add the data set to the report data.
  • Right-click on "Datasets" and click on "Add Dataset…".

dataset adding

Step 10

  • Provide the data set name and select shared data set.

shared dataset

Step 11

  • Open the report file.
  • Right-click on the design surface, select "Insert" and click on "Table".

inserting table

Step 12
  • It will add a table to the report design surface.
  • Set "State Row ID" and "State Name" in two different column headers.
  • Map "StateRowID" in the first column.


Step 13

  • Map "StateName" in the second column.

Step 14

  • Select and delete the third column.

delete column

Step 15

  • Now the report design is ready.

report design

Step 16

  • Click on preview to check the report.
  • Pass a parameter value.

report preview

Step 17

  • You can see the list of states for the country you passed in the parameter.

states report

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