Enable "Open with Explorer" Option In SharePoint Online Document Libraries In Microsoft Edge Browser


Yesterday, one of my colleague (from Non-SharePoint Background) came to me and asked he want to download all the documents (those are around 100+) from one of the document library. For that, the following two possible options came to my mind.
  1. For document library from “LIBRARY” section use “Open with Explorer” option and copy all the documents.
  2. PowerShell script to download all the documents.

The first option is the easiest one, so I suggested it to him.


So when we tried the first option, we found that “Open with Explorer” option is disabled as in the following screenshot:

Figure 1: Open with Explorer option is disabled

Figure 2: Open with Explorer option is disabled

We were wondering since we are logged in with the Admin account, so it shouldn't be permission issue. Our environment is Windows 10 and browser is Edge.

As usual we google searched a bit and found that this is an issue with Edge browser, here's the Microsoft KB article  - Issues that occur when you use the Edge browser with Office 365

Solution / Workaround
We thought to open the site with Internet Explorer, so in Edge with the following option:

More actions, then Open with Internet Explorer

Figure 3: Open with Internet Explorer option

Site opened in Internet Explorer and “Open with Explorer” option is enabled as in the following screenshot:

Figure 4: Enable Open with Explorer option in IE

We clicked on the “Open with Explorer” option in IE, and sync dialog appeared:

Figure 5 :Sync dialog box
For the time, we just closed this dialog and again clicked on “Open with Explorer” option and finally we could successfully open the documents in Windows Explorer as in the following screenshot:

Figure 6: Documents in Windows Explorer
As usual comment / suggestion / feedback / questions are always welcomed.

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