SQL Server 2008 R2 on Windows 8 Error 17058 When Starting the Service

Windows 8 is the newest operating system from Microsoft and now it's spreading through the development systems replacing Windows 7. So you may need to re-install your SQL Server and Visual Studio etc. Recently I was trying to install the SQL Server 2008 on my x64 based Windows 8 machine, I ran into an error after installing SQL Server 2008 R2; the service was starting. When the service configuration manager was opened I got a "WMI provider Error" Unable to call a remote procedure or something like that.

Now do not panic and just install the SQL Server 2008 SP1 and the problem will be gone.

After installing this you will see that everything is back in SQL Server Configuration Manager. But if you're still not able to restart the service just go to the error log of SQL Server. You can find it by right-clicking on the service from the Configuration Manager and select properties. Now go to the advanced tab and open the Dump directory option.


Now open the error log file and see what the last error was that was logged there. Most probably you'll see the error for VIA service enabled and VIA is deprecated in this version something like that. So just return to the configuration manager and select the client protocols for <<Your SQL Server instance name>> and disable the VIA protocol.

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