Steps For Effective Sprint Planning

In my previous article, we have discussed Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, and Sprint (5 Events in Scrum Framework).

Today, we are going to discuss steps for effective Sprint planning.

The Sprint Planning session is one of the key exercises to guarantee a fruitful execution of your Agile projects. If done accurately, it will help guaranteed collaborations from each team member as per the best of their capacity. It's a collective meeting in which the team sizes user stories, breaks down stories into tasks and commits to deliver the stories during a sprint as per the “definition of done”.

Step 1

Set the sprint goal or objective - Product Owner to think of the objective of the sprint.

Step 2

Organize the stories that satisfy the sprint goal - Once the Goal is set up, organize the stories that satisfy that objective.

In this process, if you discover your team has extra limit accessible, at that point you can consider organizing extra stories that don't really necessarily complement the sprint goal.

Step 3

Check Team member's Capacity to guarantee that individuals won't be over allocating themselves.

Step 4

Detail planning - Breakdown stories into tasks, Ensure the team has separated the stories into tasks, as this will enable the team to consider everything that should be done to finish the stories. It's additionally great practice to make Testing as a different task.

Step 5

Estimating of the stories - Teams can do the measuring of the stories utilizing strategies like Planning Poker or T-Shirt Sizing
and Allow team members to sign up for the work they choose and give an estimate as for how long each task will take to complete.

Step 6

Audit open issues and obstacles that may put any items in the sprint at risk. Replace stories or tasks as needed with approval from the product owner.

Stick to the Sprint Goal as a TEAM!

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