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This article will focus on two kinds of people.
  1. Freshers who are searching jobs
  2. Experienced who are looking for job change.

Fresher’s who are Searching Jobs

Now-a-days, it’s not easy to get a job because there is a lot of competition and lack of projects in companies. But, don’t leave your hope as many companies keep looking for the right candidate for their projects and there always are lots of openings related to any technology.

To get your job, all you need to do is to be strong in any one technology. If you ask me how you can be strong  one technology means I can say as chose your choice as there is variety of technology like Web Development with ASP.NET ,MVC ASP.NET Core ,PHP, JAVA, JavaScript, AngularJS, Microsoft Azure, Big Data, SQL DBA, Networking and etc.
Now, just pick one technology that you like the most to work on. I will explain you this with one example, consider all this technology as a Food Menu and here you have variety of foods but for your lunch or dinner you can select any one food to finish your hungry. From the food menu you will always select your most favorite food and eat. Let’s consider you’r favorite food is Chicken Burger. In that case you will be always happy to eat your favorite Chicken Burger. You won’t feel boring of eating your favorite food even if it’s for every day. But consider you are selecting other food items which are not much good for you. You will eat the food unhappily and just to fill the stomach and you will not have fun or satisfaction on eating other foods which you don’t like. Same thing is by selecting your Technology for your career growth. Always always and always don’t select your career technology for others or don’t copy what others are doing. you live your life for yourself. From the variety of technology first select your favorite and most liked and most simple and easy for you to work ,means which makes you more comfortable. Most important thing don’t select your Favorite Technology for money . For Salary if you select some technology which you are not interested ,initially you feel good with that but day by day you will be getting bored on the job and it will be hard for you to start again from the scratch with your favorite technology.

As a Fresher you have good chance to start your career with your most interested technology. Initially you need to do more hard work to stand in your position. You need to do lots of study, research and works to get stronger with your technology. Of course it’s your favorite technology, so you will be always happy to put more effort on that to achive all your success. Study and work more deeply into your favorite technology till you get confident on yourself.

Always use Google

After you get confident study more Interview Questions and answers related to your technology. Google will help you on getting all your answers related to your technology, so always treat Google as your best friend and search for your questions and answers related to your technology. How much you are strong and deep in your Technology will leads you to your good career path. Study more interview questions and answers till you get confident on yourself as “I’m Master in my favorite Technology”.If you feel as you’re the master of your favorite technology then start hunting the job.

Job Hunting

For job hunting you have lots of options as first one is job portal web sites. Again Google is the best friend for you which will tell you all the job sites for you to upload your resumes and details. Click on the links and upload your resume. Oops sorry guys I forgot and now I need to tell you about your resume. Always prepare your resume very simple and add all important information’s which need to be added in your resume. As a fresher if you don’t have a project details to be added don’t worry as I told you before you need to do more study and work on your technology, add all the information’s which you have done for your technology, that will give the recruiting company an idea about you as what more you know about the technology. If you ask me how I can create a good resume again the answer is “Google is your best friend and you can see plenty of samples from your Google friend and start creating your own resume.”During job search filter your favorite technology and start searching .If you have any friends ,seniors or relatives working on your favorite technology ask them for any opening in their companies or in any known companies apply to all the place.

Be Confident on Yourself

Once you have applied for the jobs from job portal’s be confident on yourself and always prepare and ready for the interview. During interview talk truly to the interviewer and explain them all your questions with example .Always be sure as your answers make them happy and belief on you for your future career. If they ask you as what you want be to be in after 5 year or in future ,Tell them as this is my dream job as I will be working on my favorite technology and I will be move to top level in my filed for example as Project Manager.

For the Experienced Professional

I no need to tell you anything as you all have experience in your professional work but always love your work .Always work for your job satisfaction. If your favorite technology is .Net and always prefer to work for that don’t change any other technology for Money as you won’t feel fun on working that.But important thing is If you are working for .Net and you have chance to work on SharePoint or Azure then it will be fine as it will be related Technology .But If you are working for .Net and company asking you to work for Java or for IBM then think well before working as it will lead you to next level or it will stopping your growth in your career. In my case I will be always love to work with .NET and Related technology .

Hope you enjoy reading this article, always plan your career and make plan for next steps always and always, always, always be confident on yourself; you are the best in this world.

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