Create New Result Sources For Search In SharePoint 2013


This article provides a brief overview of result sources in SharePoint online 2013. SharePoint Online is used to easily create team sites and portals to discover, share, and collaborate on content with colleagues/team members inside and outside your organization, from any device.

In Office 365, Microsoft improved SharePoint search and result sources. SharePoint online 2013 results source is used to specify a provider to get search results from, and optionally, to narrow a search to a subset of those results. You can reduce the search result items using result sources.

Search result sources can be created at the Search Service application level, site collection level, or site level by the administrators.

Result Source

Result source limits searches to certain content or to a subset of search results. For example - if your search query displays the video formats, you should select the predefined Local Video Results that it must show.

This article helps you learn how to create new result source in Office 365,

Go to the Site Settings page in SharePoint Online.


After you click result source, the pre-configured result sources are shown in the following image.

Use result sources to scope search results and federate queries to external sources, such as internet search engines. After defining a result source, configure search web part and query rule actions to use it.


Click "New Result Source" link and enter the below details,

Names must be unique at each administrative level.

For example, two result sources in a site cannot share a name, but one in a site and one provided by the site collection can. The descriptions are shown as tooltips when selecting result sources in other configuration pages.

Select "Local SharePoint" for results from the index of this Search Service.


Select People Search Results to enable query processing specific to People Search, such as phonetic name matching or nickname matching. Only people profiles will be returned from a People Search source,

By default, SharePoint will show search results even if some items are missing from the result set.

Query Transform

Use this to scope results. For example, to only return OneNote items, set the new text to "{searchTerms} fileextension=one". Then, an incoming query "sharepoint" becomes "sharepoint fileextension=one". Launch the Query Builder for additional options.


Select Default Authentication if users will connect to this source using the default SharePoint authentication. 


Click the "Launch Query builder" link to form the query.


Query text

Queries may give different results based on dynamic page- or user-driven values. See the final query text based on the original query template, query rules, and variable values.


KQL is the default query language for building search queries. Using KQL, you can specify the search terms or property restrictions that are passed to the SharePoint Search Service.


This article will help you to create a new result source in SharePoint Online or Office 365.

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