Creating A Virtual Disk Virtual Machine In Windows Azure Step by Step: Part Two

In the previous article we discussed how we can create a virtual machine from “Quick Create” option in part one of the series.

Now, here I am going to create a virtual machine using the "FROM GALLERY" option. This is for when you need a solution that requires multiple virtual machines or a virtual machine with advanced settings.


From Gallery

Azure gallery provides Windows + Linux and their entire version. Select your desired operating system image and click next. I have selected Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter.

So select an image, whatever you want to show with your virtual machine.

Here, I’m going to select “Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter”.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

Give the Virtual Machine name, Tier, size, username and password.

Hit on Next (Shown in Rectangle at the bottom of the page).

Hit on Next

Here next is configuration window; all is set by default, so click next.

configuration window

You can see the following window, it will ask for configuration extensions and security extensions, so here all is set by default.

Click on Next.

security extensions

Here you can see, your virtual machine is creating, which is “gofornitin”.

virtual machine is creating

For using the virtual machine, click on “CONNECT” button.

click on Connect button

So, here you can see portal retrieving a file with .rdp extension.

Click on file to open it.

 retrieving a file

Click “Connect” button.

Click on to Connect

Enter your user name and password, my user name is “nitinpandit”.

Click on “OK” button.


You can see I’m getting connecting to my virtual machine.

connecting to my virtual machine

Click on “Yes” button.


In the following screen shot, I’m successfully connected with my virtual machine, you can see Dashboard of the Server Manager.

server manager

Go to the “All Servers” and check the server name.

Click on to “All Servers”, you will find “gofornitin” server is available there.

All Servers

In the following screenshot, you can check your virtual machine’s overall details, where you can see free space, host name and other related information of Virtual Machine.

overall details

Now, I’m going to add extra space in machine and an extra disk drive on it.

For this, select your appropriate Virtual Machine and click on “ATTACH” button.


It will ask to fill  in the details for the empty disk.

It will take machine name (gofonitin), storage location, and file name by default.

Give the size for disk which you want to be created; here I have given it 15GB.

Click on the check button.

Click on to check button

It may take some time to create a new empty virtual machine.

Here you can see, our virtual machine is creating.

virtual machine

So now, your virtual machine is ready for use and is in running mode.

Click on “Connect” button to retrieve the .rdp file.


Follow the last process, click on to downloaded .rdp file.

click on to downloaded .rdp file

Now in the following screenshot, I’m connecting with the new Empty disk drive.

To check there is 15 GB disk in or not, simply go to the “File and Storage Services”.

File and Storage Services

Click on to “Disks” button and refresh the current page.


Click on to “gofornitin” and you can see our 15 GB virtual disk successfully added.


Let’s check it to Disk Management.

There is also 15GB virtual disk available, and status of disk is online.

status of disk

Make sure, click on “Shut Down” button to shut your virtual machine.

Shut Down

 I hope you enjoyed this article. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.

Thanks for reading.

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