Five Things To Do When You Join A New Organization

In this changing environment, everyone is changing their organizations frequently. But I've observed that some people are fit in with every organization they go to and some are not able to fit in any of them. Over a period of time, I have observed, there are some common traits people show which helpsthem to fit in anywhere they go. Sadly it’s not their knowledge, degree, or their education.

Today we will be discussing 5 traits you should try to follow to fit in instantly in any organization/team.

  1. Inspire confidence in your team

    It’s very important for you that your team should have full confidence in you. Confidence is like a brick, your consistency will ensure how soon you will be able to make a wall out of it.

    Be consistent with your work. This means keep improving in each task that is assigned to you. Don’t expect the best task will be assigned to you on the first day of the job that you were dreaming of for a long time. The earlier you show your interest in your work and keep performing well the sooner you will start getting good work.

    When it comes to managers or leaders it is very important that your subordinates, as well as your boss, should have the highest confidence in you. You should ensure meeting or exceeding the expectation of your boss without hampering the comfort zone of your subordinates.

    Please don’t propose any immediate change in policy or process the day you get into your office. It will have a long-lasting bad impression as you are trying to disturb the existing environment. Once you have the confidence of your team it will be easy to go ahead with big changes also.
  1. Your attitude is your attire

    Wear the best possible attire in the office, which suits the culture of your organization.  No one likes a person with shabby clothes.

    But most importantly wear a pleasant attitude every time. This is common that a new person is bullied or intimidated by colleagues or bosses. So don’t take it personally and keep your self-esteem without getting angry or irritated. The sooner you get angry the longer it will take to recover.  Try to be friendly with your subordinates as well as with your boss. Try to catch lunch with your boss and coffee with your colleagues or subordinates. It will ensure a healthy personal relationship with both of them.
  1. Live in the present

    No one gives damn about what great things you did in your college or previous organizations. So stop bragging about the past. Prove yourself in the current organization before telling stories about your past. Stop complaining about the current organization as long as you know all the corners of it. Whatever processes or perks you enjoyed in the previous company might not be in your current company. So try to explore the new perks available in the current company rather than feeling sorry for not getting the perks you used to enjoy.

    No one enjoys a conversation with a person who always complains.

    Talking about your future plans, again and again, is also a bad move I believe. As you have joined a new company people are expecting you to consider this as your future (at least for a couple of years). So if you are continuously talking about your plans of going to a bigger company or doing an MBA or MS will not be welcome to your colleagues.
  1. Grab opportunities

    Never miss the early opportunity to show who you are. If there is an event being organized by your team then never miss the opportunity to be a part of that event team. It will create a long-lasting impression. If you are getting to do some difficult task in the absence of your team member then never miss the opportunity. Accept help from your team and your boss to complete the task by putting in 100 percent. As a new joiner, no one is expecting you to complete the task alone, they are only expecting you to be proactive. Irrespective of success or failure you will be able to build the confidence of your team in you. If it’s your birthday or anniversary at the time of joining then be generous to take the team out which will help you build a personal relationship with everybody.
  1. Prevention is better than cure

    It’s better to ask for the right process of doing a job in the current company rather than assuming it to be same as your previous organization. In most of the companies they provide onboarding to their newbies but sadly that is not enough to get you going. You need enough help from others to keep yourself going. So don’t forget to ask questions until you get the right answer. Don’t forget to thank or show your gratitude towards the person who helps you. Even the doltish question can be a great learning for you.

These were the 5 traits I have observed over the period of time I have worked.

Please feel free to provide your feedback or comment.

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