How To Configure User Profile Service Application Step By Step

In the last article I described about how to delete and create User profile service, today I'm demonstrating about how to configure UPA service application step by step with a screen shot. This articles applies to SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Before starting to configure this service the below steps need to be performed as prerequisites

  • Do IIS reset on the server before starting our activity.

  • Start User profile service and User Profile Sync service.

  • To start with User profile sync service, go to CA page select System setting and click on Services on server. Here start User profile service then start User Profile Sync service, starting sync service will ask us for username and password, enter username and password and click on ok.

  • Once you click start on this job, go back to services.msc and check forefront identity; both services will start automatically which will be disabled by default. This process is going to take some minutes maybe 10 minutes and more  so be patience.
  • Go to CA page, select Service Application option from Application Management

  • Select newly-created UPA service to configure the same.

  • Here select Configure synchronization connections under Synchronization.

  • Once you've selected the above option, it will navigate us to a new connection page, click on create the new connection and update below information.

    • Connection Type Name - Name you would like to assign
    • Type - Under type drop down we have number of connection where we need to select Active directory
    • Connection Settings - Forest name, farm forest name which we can get from AD team, leave blank and select auto-discover the domain controller.
    • Authentication - by default, Windows authentication will be selected, enter username and password.
    • Port - by default it will set if you want to use SSL you can check the below option.
    • Container - It appears automatically once we click on populated containers.

  • As above image enter all the details and click in populated containers, which will bring down your AD name, select the same and click on ok.

  • It will take you back to Connection page, go back to the UPA service application page and configure Synchronization timer job. Once you've clicked on the same, it  will navigate this page to edit timer job page where we can select recurring schedule job and click on ok. See below,

  • As we have with the configuration so we can proceed with starting Profile synchronization. Click on that option from synchronization.

  • As it’s the first time we need to start full sync, select full sync and click on ok

  • Go back to UPA service page, we can see and monitor the same. We can monitor the same from FIM service which will be available under SharePoint installed path.

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14.0\Synchronization Service\UIShell
  • Open miisclient.exe; we can monitor the sync status from here as well.



If profile service synchronization service is not started, it will throw an error on opening this application.

I will continue writing about topics for user profile services in the next article, thanks

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