How To Grant Anonymous Access To Site Collection Or Site Page At SharePoint Online

Today, I am writing an article about granting anonymous access to site collection at SharePoint Online so that a SharePoint site can be accessed using external users, for example, if our customer needs to access the site collection or site page from users who are not eternally added.
We can enable anonymous access to the site collection to browse the entire site with appropriate permission. So, to perform this action to site collection or site page, follow the below steps.
  • First login to the site collection to enable anonymous access. For enabling it to the site collection, first we need to enable external user access using SharePoint Online portal.
  • Select SharePoint portal page and click on sharing option on the left side of the screen. Enable "External users must accept" from share invitation, as shown in the below screenshot and click OK.

  • Now, on the site collection page, select site collection and click on sharing. Select "Allow sharing with all external users" and save the same.

  • Once share option is enabled, an email is sent to the external user which signs in with a live-ID or another Office 365 account.
  • Now, go back to the site page or site collection page and select "Share" button at the top right. Share with external users and assign the permission by clicking on the show options.
  • Now, select permission level and share the same page. The email will go to the shared users' email id.

  • Another method also can be opted for the same.

  • Once all is set and the external user has accepted your invitation, you can see them in the SharePoint group in which you have added them.

  • Now, click on "Go to Prashant Demo" site and click on the same. This will redirect to Office 365 page. Here, assign your Microsoft or other Office 365 user account.

  • See the screen and enter your email id and password. Wait for some time until you are able to access the site collection or site page on the browser.

  • See the below screenshots. Now, I am able to access the site.

  • If user is deleted from "Share Permission" page, we will get the below error.

Thanks !!!

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