Introduction To Windows Template Studio

Almost a year ago, Microsoft introduced Template 10 which helps Windows developers to create awesome Windows applications by using pre-defined templates, controls, and services for UWP applications.

As Microsoft is evolving Windows 10 with new design and features and  trying to provide more flexibilty to developers for Windows, they have annouced Windows Tempalte Studio for Visual Studio 2017 with new templates and design patterns that bring ease to the developers while building apps using exisiting framework and project types.

Get Started with Windows Template Studio

Open Visual Studio 2017 and go to Tools section. Select "Extension and Updates" and download extension. You can download and install extension from Visual Studio Gallery too .

After installation, restart the Visual Studio and create new project. Select Windows Universal as Templates from left side, and select Windows Template Studio as project type.

Once the project is created, you will see a new window which asks you to select the Project Type and Framework.  I select Navigation Pane as Project Type and MVVM Basic for Framework.

Once you click on Next, you will view a window where you can select pages that you would like to add in the application along with different features, as shown below.

Now, your app is ready to be created. Just hit the "Create" button to launch in Visual Studio. In Visual Studio, now you can see the complete design pattern and structure of application based on your selected framework and project type.
Now, just run the app.


Windows Template Studio is opensource and available on GitHub. If you find any issue or bug in it, you can report that here.

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