Packaging And Side Loading Windows 10 UWP Apps

In Windows 10 UWP development, we we can upload an app to the Store or distribute that to other users directly by side loading the app package to a device. For that, first we need to create the app package and then side load it to the device.

Let’s see the steps.

First, I am going to show how to package your app.

Right click your application and select Store -> Create app package. It will show a popup screen like the following screen and give option to upload to store as Yes or No.

Select "No" and click "Next".

The system will now ask for package output location and supported architecture, like the following screen. Fill in the required details, click "Create", and wait until it creates the app package.

After completing the package creation, it will show the screen like below.

Now, let us see how to side load the app in Windows 10 devices.

Go to your app package folder and run the “Add-AppDevPackage” file, using power shell, as shown in the following screen.

It will ask for your permission to install the application. Press “Y” to continue. After your app is successfully installed, you can check your app in the application list.

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