SharePoint 2016 Hybrid Sites Features Configuration


The Office 365 admin center can be used to set up your organization in the cloud, add users, manage domains, licenses, Manage Resources, Manage Billing, give support to the end users, as a health check up for our sites and admincenter control.

Here we will see how to configure the SharePoint Hybrid Sites Feature.

Microsoft is focusing more on the Cloud and targeting users to use the Cloud . And it has taken a first step to explore the cloud functionality at your own pace. And users are able to be connected from almost anywhere to the resources and content they need.

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As per MSDN, SharePoint Hybrid feature is a reliable one and SharePoint Search Combined ( SharePoint One
premises + SharePoint Online ) results can be exported easily.

Hybrid SharePoint Sites

Hybrid site means: “ Combined site of Sharepoint Onpremises+ SharePoint Online (o365)”.

Hybrid Site features are nothing it will allow the user to follow any site within the hybrid environment and store the list in Office 365. The Extensible App Launcher will create links to SharePoint Sites, Newsfeeds, and OneDrive once all of these hybrid features .

Hybrid SharePoint Site

Hybrid followed SharePointsites from both locations(Onpremise+Online) are consolidated in the SharePoint Online followed sites list.And SharePoint Server helps to redirect the followed Online sites from server.

  • Hybrid Document - There is no feature avaialable to follow the Hybrid documents.
  • Hybrid Profile - SharePoint Server when you click the profiles it will redirect to the sharepoint Online.
  • Hybrid Search - Search results can be combined together and you can export the search results.
Configure the hybrid SharePoint Features

Before you start the Redirection (Hybrid SharePoint Features) you must configure the below steps,
  • SharePoint 2016 Active Directory users with single sign-on experience to Office 365 by using Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).
  • Office 365 license with admin account.
  • Create a Separate web application in Office 365.

Step 1 - Open Your SharePoint On premise Server with admin credentials and launch the SharePoint Central admin Browser.

Step 2 - In that SharePoint Server Connect the Office 365 SharePoint online in your browser..

Go to your Admin Center in office 365 and click the Hybrid Feature Section,


And it will redirect to the configuration page and check any pop up blocker issue like below Click allow it.


Then It will redirect to the below page,

Click next,


Complete the below .exe file installation then install below mandatory configuration,

After you complete the Configuration you must see the below window,


After you restart the IIS your configuration is made.

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