Working With Images In SharePoint Online

Today, I am talking about Images in SharePoint and their uses. In this article I will be discussing all about Picture library and we will have a demo for various ways to upload and add images in SharePoint Site pages.

  • About Picture Library

  • How to add Pictures in Library and Page with various ways

Let us start from one by one as said above,

About Picture Library: It is an inbuilt library from SharePoint online which enables us to share collections of digital pictures or graphics. We can upload images to picture Library from sites such as team sites, Blogs, Wikis or other publishing sites. We can use the same images from anywhere in the same site collection and can access them centrally. Picture Library is an inbuilt Application and Web part for SharePoint online or On-premises from 2010 version. If we will see in the SharePoint site collection there will be three types of Image Libraries which will show up under the site contents page,

  • Picture Library
  • Wiki Page Library
  • Asses Library

Below is the screen shot for Picture Library from SharePoint Online,

How to add Pictures in Library and Page in various ways: In this section, I will describe more about how to add pictures in the Picture Library or other page in the SharePoint Online in multiple ways.

Let us start one by one adding images in the SharePoint page,

  • Open any site page of SharePoint online, click on edit from the Ribbon and Page tab or left side edit option will be available, also you can edit the page from site settings gearbox and select edit page. Below is the Screen shot for all above said options,

  • Now remove default, Get the start web part and we will see how to add images here.

  • Click on Insert tab from SharePoint Online Ribbon page and click on Picture, it will get drop down option with three options: From Computer, From Address, From SharePoint

From Computer

If we are selecting from computer option from insert image on SharePoint Online:

  • We need to browse and Upload Image from Local system. Select path by clicking on Browse option, check box for existing same name, and add new version for same name of image.

  • Select destination Library by default Site collection Image Library will be selected, you can select other Images from other available library drop down box.

  • Version Comment write a comment and click on ok, see below screen shot for more details,

From Address

using this option we can copy any available image on the Internet and can insert to any of page.


If copied Link image will be deleted from destination folder or URL, Image will be unavailable from inserted page.

  • To add from address click on Image drop down box and select add from address, one POP up box will get open paste url and enter alternative text and click on ok. See below result,

From SharePoint: We can upload images anywhere from available in the SharePoint site collection. From the same site collection we can use for any of Library page, subsite or others..

  • To add images from SharePoint option under the Image: click on the from SharePoint and it will open in a new wizard of select an assets. Here select images from available library or enter URL within the same Site collection and click on Insert.

See below screen shot Result,

Above steps were from Insert Image option, now I will show some other way to upload or add images in SharePoint Online.

Copy and Paste: We can add images just by the copy and paste option.

Adding Image from Web Part: we can add Image from web part available in SharePoint.

  • Just select Add web part and select Image Viewer from Media and contents and click on add.

  • Once web part gets added select web part, edit the same web part and assign the image URL from saved path, click on Apply, and ok. See the Below Result and steps in the screen shot,

Adding Images from Web part is called Picture Library slide show: We can add images as slide show in the same page or Site.

  • Click on page or site and edit the same, click on add web part from insert tab and drop down for the media and content under this web part we can see the sub web part called Picture Library slide show is available just add this.

  • Once Slide show is added and configured by the edit web part and assigned the folder or path where many of images are uploaded.

Adding Images using Site App Part: We can add images to SharePoint site using App Part.

Adding Image Slide show from Apps in the SharePoint from SharePoint Store

We can add image slide show from Apps also, this will be the free version. Just navigate your site contents and select your SharePoint Store.

Search for Free Slider App, and click on Add it.

  • Just click on the app and add it to the site.

  • Once it adds, it will prompt us for Trust this app, click on trust this app and click on create App List from Site contents,

  • List has been added, now we need to configure this App.