Create Quick Copy of a Table in SQL Server

Create A Copy of Table in SQL Server

Some time when we usually work on Database to apply some procedure or DML queries , we always think

of creating a copy of it so if something wrong happen , we could undo all the things .

although there are so many ways to create a copy of table ex.

1. Create a new table with same structure and Import data using import-export feature of SQL .

2. Generate query for creating table using SQL Management Studio refer Snap.

Now a simple ,quick and easy way to do this is ,to use :

1. select * into [_new_table] from [_old_table]

here _ new_table is to where you have to copy data an _old_table is from where to copy data.

It will create a new table for you with name _new_table with all the data which is there in _old_table.

Please Note : It will not create table schema with exact DataType.

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