Download Free Visual Studio Code Extension For ASP.NET Core Snippets

Today, I have published my first extension for ASP.NET Core things like controller, startup file and main program file. Therefore, when you login here, it will open the page, shown below.

Here, either you search with " core" or with my name "Rahul Sahay", it will give the result, as shown below.

Once you click on the same, it will come on the page, as shown below.

Now, open Visual Studio Code and type "CTRL+Shift+p" and then paste the command.

This will search from market place extension and list them below.

Once, you click on install button, it will install the extensions, as shown below.

Once, it gets installed successfully, it will ask to reload Visual Studio code to activate the extension.

Now, to test the same, simply go ahead and create one ".cs" file, say "sample.cs" and then type the commands shown below and then simply tab out.
cmd--> ProgramFile

It will create the skeleton code, mentioned below for ASP.NET Core Main Program. 

cmd--> HomeController 

It will emit boiler plate code, shown below.

Similarly, cmd--> Startup.

It will emit the stuff, shown below.

This is the code which is required normally, while creating any ASP.NET Core app from scratch. Many times, the developers don't remember the complete syntax and flow of the program. These kind of snippets can be a good starting point. I would appreciate, if you guys can provide me your constructive feedback on the same and rate the extension on Visual Studio Code.
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