How to Bind Data Items to Gridview in Windows Store Apps using XAML Code


In this blog I will tell you about how to bind Items in to the Gridview in Windows Store Apps using  XAML code.

Step 1

 Add Gridview Control from Toolbox panel

  1. Assigne the name of Gridview using x:Name="" attribute  like here I mention the name as gridView1
  2. Adding the items to the grid view by populating the itemscollection or by binding the ItemSource  property to a data source.

    We can set directly
     using x:String attributes in XAML

<GridView x:Name="gridView1" SelectionChanged="GridView_SelectionChanged" Margin="159,44,555,444" Grid.Row="1" ToolTipService.ToolTip="Items collection in Grid View" BorderThickness="0">

         <x:String>Item 1</x:String>

         <x:String>Item 2</x:String>

         <x:String>Item 3</x:String>

         <x:String>Item 4</x:String>

         <x:String>Item 4</x:String>


 grid 1.jpg

Step 2

An Event handler when the grid view selection changes, add a handler for the SelectionChabnged event.

private void GridView_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
    gridView1.SelectionChanged += GridView_SelectionChanged;
    Lable.Text = gridView1.SelectedItem.ToString();





grid 2.jpg