How to enable Spartan Browser in Windows 10

Hi Friends,

Recently I installed Windows 10 on my 2ndry machine. And to my surprise when I installed the same; I was expecting new Microsoft Browser by default; unfortunately this was not there. But, when I delved around Spartan documentation; I found the trick to enable the same.

Steps to enable Spartan(Microsoft Edge) on Windows 10 preview. Type this “about:flags” in IE browser. This will open the following set of commands in the browser.

Then, select “Enabled” under “Enable Experimental Web Platform Features,” and restart the browser.

After doing above settings, you need to restart the PC to sync the settings. Once you restart, you will notice project Spartan logo on start screen which you can apply to taskbar as well as shown below.

Here comes project Spartan. Awesome experience doing hands on with Windows 10. Specially Project Spartan.

Thanks for joining me.

Rahul Sahay

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