If company is giving wrong feedback about Emp then what should we have to do ?

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Same thing happened with me at my current company but not similar with Chandradev. One of the my team leaders always demotivates me even I am working fine and I had completed all the given task within the time with good quality but she says its wrong do as I say (old manner). She does same task in 100 lines of code while I am doing it with 10 lines. When I didn't change what she asked me to change, she complaint to the Manager. The manager is also a non technical manager and does not know how to declare variable. He also told me to do as madam says. Then I replied him nicely, "Company has hired me but not to follow the old ways. If there are better ways to solve same problem, I should do that. As a matter of fact, the team leader should be asking me how to do the same thing but better. What is the purpose of hiring me? Programming is not a labor job where you work according to the Home owner? ".

Anyway, so after one month or so, the Manager calls me to come in his cabin and told me, Vithal, You need to work in java because now future is Java..?

On that question, I laughed and replied that manager (does not know full form of ASP.NET), Respected sir, this is my career and future  its not a joke. I will not work on Java because I have worked in .NET since last one year and I have spent lots of time to learn and understand .NET and my future is .NET not Java. After a lot of arguments he told me no problem.

However, that did not stop my team leader to continue the same and one day both the manager and the team leader gave me feedback that my rank is the bottom based on my performance even though there are no new projects and I have done lots of work on old projects.

After few days, I have decided to quit my company and within one day, I got 4 offers with 100 % salary hike now. Now I am joining a new company on May 7, but I can't forget that incidents that the manager does not have knowledge how to keep the client Projects. He judged me according to the feedback of my boss without even understanding the proper reason.

My last statement for them is, "I am not loving any company. I love my work. Because of work  I hope the company gives me respect I deserve."

So my request to all beginners as well as Professionals is, do not love any company, just love your job. If you are not wrong, always love your work because of this you can secure your future so other companies can easily see the potential and hire you because of your quality of work and skill.

Another reason to love your work is that most of the small as well as big companies hiring candidates who gets a probation period of 6,9 or 12 months (by considering Project competition period) and after specific time (after completion of project but candidate still on probation period) they gives wrong feedback on employee that your performance is not good even he or she worked till completion of project because they can not be directly told that we have not project.

So my all dear friends don't focus on these things. Nothing is new here. Always keep yourself prepared for the future challenges by always keep in touch and learning new and cutting-edge technologies. 

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