My Journey to Become a Microsoft MVP

Today, I am sharing my journey of becoming a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). This award is really an honor for me. I dedicate this award to my lovable parents. It is a very prestigious award and at first I would like to gratitude Mr. Dinesh who is my mentor and without him I would have never known the benefits of contributions. I have been contributing my articles since 2013 and now it's like a dream come true by receiving this most prominent Microsoft MVP Award.

When I look back in 2013, I was a new team member for C# Corner. I joined C# Corner on June 29, 2013. As I said earlier, Mr. Dinesh is my mentor, he introduced me to "C# Corner". He gave me a small task on that day to write an article on NoSQL. I wrote and he liked that. The very next day he was very busy and at the end of the day he reviewed my work and said (I still remember those words) "Nimit, Koi bhi kaam chota ya bada nahin hota. Tum abhi likho aur seekho jisse tum kuch naya seekhoge." (Nimit, every work is important. Start writing now and learn. This would eventually make you learn something new.)

From that day I never looked back and wrote articles on various new technologies such as Visual Studio 2013, ASP.NET MVC 5, ASP.NET Web API 2, ASP.NET SignalR, etc. C# Corner provides valuable Chapters all over the world through which many veteran speakers share their knowledge to programmers and developers. One day, I met Mr. Mahesh Chand (C# Corner Director) and we discussed something about technologies. On that day, I heard that he is a Microsoft MVP and I decided that this would be my new goal to achieve. A month later, I met Mr. Dhananjay (DJ), who is also a Microsoft MVP. He introduced me to the right path in becoming an MVP and helped a lot by sharing his knowledge. I want to thank them for their guidance.

In the past two years:

  • I created articles on ASP.NET Technology.
  • I created accounts on Twitter, StackOverflow, ASP.NET Forums.
  • Started tweeting articles, news, blogs.
  • Started answering questions on StackOverflow and ASP.NET Forums.
  • Posted technology related articles on Facebook.

I have published many articles on MVC 5 and they have been selected as "Articles of the Day" on I nominated myself for Microsoft MVP, and YES, finally I got it. On July 1, 2015, I received an email from Microsoft that "You have been awarded as a Microsoft MVP."

At last, I would like to thank my mentors and colleagues for helping me in reaching my milestone. That's a big milestone for me. Thanks for reading my blog and I must say: "Don't Give-up, Nothing Is Impossible!!"