Overview Of Power BI Desktop


This blog covers a basic idea of Power BI Desktop.  This article will help anyone new to Power BI to  understand the components of Power BI Desktop. When we click on Power BI Desktop, it will open the below screen.

Overview of PowerBI Desktop Screen



  • Power BI Desktop includes the following Menu options.
    • File
    • Home
    • View
    • Modelling

Layout Pane

  • We can add Visuals (Bar Chart, Pie Chart) in Layout Pane in order to prepare the report.
  • A user has to drag the visuals in this pane and set the properties for it.

OOTB Visuals

  • Power BI OOTB visuals can be visible in this portion.
  • We can also import downloaded visuals from Power BI Visuals Gallery.


  • We can create multiple pages in one Power BI Report.


  • Power BI Data Source fields can be visible in this portion.
  • One can add fields from different data sources, like SQL Server, Excel, Access, Oracle etc.

This is how Power BI Desktop looks. One can easily create BI reports using different data sources very easily.
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