Quickly Check Windows System Information With MSinfo32

<p>Often when we are installing software or drivers for windows machine we would like to know with OS&nbsp;version, RAM, and other details.</p>

<p>This can be done by just 2 steps,</p>

    <li>Windows button + R ----&gt; opens the Run.<br />
    <br />
    <img src="/UploadFile/BlogImages/04282022055332AM/image.png" /><br />
    <li>Type &ldquo;msinfo32&rdquo; and click enter.</li>

<p>Now you can see below window.</p>

<p style="text-align:center"><img src="/UploadFile/BlogImages/04282022055332AM/image-20220428080112-1.png" /></p>

<p>Works with any windows version.</p>

<p>Here you can check system&rsquo;s</p>

    <li>Hardware Resources</li>
    <li>Software Components</li>

<p>Try this when you need system information and leave your feedback here.</p>