Road To Become MVP

Please pack your bags and spend a few minutes by reading this article, i.e., the road to become MVP. It is my journey and I would like to share my experience with you.


What is MVP?

We all know it means Most Valuable Professional. It's more than a three letter word acronym. To me it means contributing back to the technical community. The MVP tag is a recognition of your work for the community.

Who can become MVP?

Anyone of us can become MVP. We all have that potential to do so. We all are busy in our day to day lives. Let me sketch an analogy here: As mother earth is divided into northern and southern hemispheres, similarly our life is divided into personal and professional spheres. Hence, we shall find a third sphere for ourselves where we can devote time for the community. I believe in the Pareto principle 80/20 rule. In software terms, "20 percent of the code has 80 percent of the errors. Find them, fix them!"

Similarly, devote 80 percent of your time for your personal and professional commitments and give 20 percent to the community. You have discovered this third hemisphere?

Journey towards MVP

  • A thought; a good thought! Please hold on for a second; it is most important that you think and decide to give “back to the community”.

    back to community

    Wow, you are awesome for taking the first step towards the journey.

  • Second step is to start contributing. The contribution could be in any form:

    • Writing articles
    • Speaking at chapters, meetup, conferences
    • Tech forums
    • Record and upload videos
    • Contribute at Open source
    • Tweet about technology
    • Publish e-book etc…

  • Third step is to find the right path for it. You are already on the right path; C-sharpcorner is a mecca for technologists.

  • Whether you are working on any technology .Net, Java, JavaScript, Android, iOS, Databases, Servers, Cloud etc., you can start writing now at C-sharpcorner and there is a full team which supports you.

  • How to write an article/series of articles? I will talk a little about that here, as it is a broader area. I follow  the Pyramid principle, i.e.,

    Pyramid principle

  • How to be confident in speaking? Many developers have a fear of speaking in public. I tell you it is a matter of practice and nothing else. Like an artisan, practice your speaking content, prepare your demo well, do proper research on your topic and then you are ready to face the audience.

  • Great, you are ready to start contributing now!

I encourage you to write articles, join chapters of C-sharpcorner near your place and create the third hemisphere. You will find a new world will open for you. Your learning will multiply, r younetwork with technologists grows, and you will be confident in public speaking.

Once all these characteristics get into your DNA and you start contributing regularly then you are a potential candidate to become a C-SharpCorner and Microsoft MVP.

I followed the above and shared with you! Please share your comments; I would like to hear your perspective.

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