The Solution of "Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.Utilities.dll" Problem


If you're using Encoder 4 SDK (or appliable with previous versions) ,its possible you faced this problem: 


It says the "Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.Utilities.dll" cannot be loaded in the project for encoding purposes. 
Lets have a look at Encoder 4 Pro if its a problem regarding SDK or a missing .dll file. 



Telling us it causes because of Desktop Experience not properly installed on our machine.

Since i use Windows 7 Ultimate,i know lots of features are already comes integrated except one: Windows Media Player 

Have a look at what features are there in Desktop Experience



So we need to install Windows Media Player? After a little Bing search,i found it.Here you can download it here


Later i created a new project in C# used Encore SDK .dlls and everything worked like a charm.

This problem occurs lack of Windows Media Features. 

Hope this article helps you and solved your problem.

Have a nice day!

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