Windows Phone 8 Emulator Keyboard Shortcut Keys

In windows phone 8 emulator you can use your PC keyboard instead of using the emulator control keys.

By default, your PC keyboard is not enabled.

First you should enable it.
To Enable PC Keyboard use PAGE UP key. You can also use PAUSE/BREAK  key to toggle your PC and Emulator keyboard. See the below table.

Windows Phone 8 Emulator Keyboard Shortcut.

Key Shortcut Description
F1/Esc Both the keys act as Back Button.
F2 Acts as Windows Start Button
F3 Acts as Search Button
F6 Activate the Camera
F9 Increase the Volume
F10 Decrease the volume

It Locks the device and do power off. Press it twice to see the lock screen.

Pause/Break It toggles your PC and Emulator keyboard
Page Up It enables your PC keyboard for Emulator
Page Down It disable your PC keyboard for Emulator


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